Transition Town / Ecovillage Training June 13-14 , 2009 Albuquerque, New Mexico

Transition Training Information:

The Transition Training will be at the historic Hubble House in the South Valley of Albuquerque on June 13-14, 2009.

We are so lucky that Alaistair Lough, from Portland, Maine, one of the first Transition Trainers in the US is going to be with us. He was trained by Rob Hopkins and has conducted numerous workshops. He and his wife Pat, are a part of the Transtion Initiating Group in Portland. Alaistair is a Ph.D. hydrologist, a permaculturalist and also one of the Pachamama Alliance facilitators.

Venue & logistics: Sat - Sun, June 13-14, 2009 at the Hubble House (Rio Bravo Exit off I-25). The Hubble House is an old adobe Trading Post, beautifully rennovated, adjacent to luxerious open land, an acequia, garden, farm etc. We will provide some tasty food and snacks from our foodshed and have potluck lunches outside.
The program is 9am - 5pm with an hour for lunch. We could have an evening activity.

Who should come: Individuals and community leaders who are already involved in Transition, and those who want to take the movement (personally and organizationally) to a deeper level.

What is the program like: It is rich, compelling and inspiring.
The Scenarios - Mad Max; Technology Fix, Green Revolution, Disaster
Peak Oil, Climate Change, Fair Share (demystifying them) exercises
The A to C of Transition (still evolving)
Permaculture and transition
Vision - the Post-Carbon World
The 12 Ingredients, (or Steps) of Transition
The Process : Awareness, Initiating Groups, Projects, Energy Descent Plan
Oil Addiction - the mirror of societal, personal addiction
Heart & Soul
Healing and Local Initiatives
The Energy Descent - (better said, Sustainability) Plan

What is the outcome/result:
Grounding about the Transition movement
Startling awareness about Peak Oil & Climate Change
Knowing what other communities are doing.
Seeing the continuim, and realizing your next steps
Getting the program, agenda and all exercises on ppt.s, CD and hardcopy
Huge connections with people across New Mexico - begin to network, statewide
Communicating what needs to be done
Becoming a part of an Initiative
Developing resilience and re-localizing
Starting to create the Energy Descent Plan (Sustainability Plan)
Getting filled with enthusiam and do-ability

What is the cost?
$225. If we have 30 people, we can break even. More than that, we can offer partial scholarships. By Tuesday, 26 May, please send $100 deposit (or the whole $225) to the Village Design Institute, 805 Walter Street, Albuquerque, NM 87102.

Melanie Rubin, 505-261-3214,

NM Presenters:
Maggie Seeley and Zaida Amaral
(505) 268-3339 (505) 410-4611

Zaida Amaral is an Environmental Architect, Feng Shui Master and Community Builder. She is a Co-Founder of Cunha Eco Village in Brazil and the Director of EcoVillage Design Southwest in Albuquerque. She is a drummer, dancer, Mother of a 4-year old daughter and a passionate, international activist. Zaida took her graduate work at Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and is one of 21 US Transition Trainers.

Maggie Seeley is an organizational consultant who specializes in using the Triple Bottom Line (people, profit and the planet) with individual, organizational, business and community decision making. She is fortunate to have worked in China, Nigeria, India, Uganda, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Maggie teaches Sustainability Studies at the University of New Mexico, is a water activist, Transition Trainer and a Buddhist.

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