Greening Your Home

Greening Your Home

Saturday, January 12, 

12 PM to 4 PM

Rainbow Blossom 

3708 Shelbyville Rd., Louisville, KY 40207

More info:
502 896 0189

Want to “go green” but just don’t know where to begin? Then stop by Rainbow Blossom’s GreeningYourHome! Whether you’re starting small ­simple changes to create a more energy efficient home, using chemical­free cleaners, making “greener” food choices ­or looking to make bigger changes, we’ll have experts from around Kentuckiana on hand to assist you. Along with tips to ‘green up’ your living space, sample eco­friendly products, organic local foods and have a chance to win an electric, zero­emission scooter to be raffled off that day. From learning how to compost your kitchen waste to building a house made of straw, this event is a one stop resource for “greening” your home and your life!

Be sure to catch the following special presentations:

1 PM, L egacy Homes ­discover 14 things you can do to cut your carbon footprint by up to 65% and save money during “Global Warming: What You Can Do Now.”

2 PM, Alternative Green Solutions ­learn the ins and outs of passive solar, energy conservation and straw bale construction!

3 PM, Good Oil Boys ­how can your car save you lots of money while using a renewal resource and cutting CO2 emissions 50 to 60% at the same time? Learn how converting your car to run on veggie oil can make a huge impact on your pocketbook and the environment! 

Eating Green and Local for the Holidays

Sustainability Lunch and Learn:

Eating Green and Local for the Holidays
Chef Timothy Tucker with Native Plants consultant Whit Forerester.
December 20, 2007
Noon to 2 PM

Join us for a light buffet
emphasizing green and local holiday fare.
Workshop and Lunch Fee: $10.00

Adena Center, Louisville, KY
Galen Building, 2nd Floor, Zorn Ave. and River Rd.

Are you looking for ways to make this a green holiday?
Looking for recipes and tips on how to grow and cook good local food?
Want to contribute to the health of the least among us and help increase our community's food security?

Join us for a delicious green and local lunch and expert presentations with Chef Timothy Tucker of the Salvation Army and Native Plants Consultant Whit Forrester.

Chef Timothy Tucker is a leader in the Green and Local Healthy Foods movement, a world class chef who has chosen to "give back" by providing organic, green and local foods and nutrition education for the homeless

Whit Forrester is a Native Plants consultant involved in supporting the edible landscaping movement as part of broader social change towards a sustainable, ecological society.

Please RSVP to 502 896-1835 or

Have a question or recipe suggestion for eating green and local? Post it below in the comments section!

This Workshop is co-sponsored by the Sustainable Business Networks.

Building It Green! - A Lunch and Learn Event with Architect Mark Isaacs- Dec. 7, 2007

Living and Learning for Sustainability:
This Lunch and Learn Series seminar is part of the Sustainability Certification program offered through the Adena Center for Sustainability and Communications. This Workshop is co-sponsored by the Sustainable Business Networks.

Building it Green!

Global Warming: What You Can Do Now....Towards Near Zero Carbon Living

Mark Isaacs AIA

December 7. 2007
12 p.m to 1:30 p.m.
Adena Center  Louisville Campus
Directions: I-71 Exit 2, Zorn Ave. @ River Rd behind BP to the Galen Buiding, Second Floor.
Free and open to the public. Donations welcome. A light lunch buffet will be available.
Please RSVP to 502 896-1835 or
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In this Lunch and Learn seminar, Architect/Builder Mark Isaacs connects the big picture issues of climate change and energy with the practical choices facing homeowners, neighborhoods and businesses. How can we become energy efficient and move toward sustainable
Near Zero Carbon living? What is do-able and cost-effective now?

This workshop will be an eye opening tour of the state of green building today and the many positive opportunities available to homeowners, builders, students, neighbors, developers, technologists and others who want to participate now in the new green revolution.

Mark Isaacs is a Louisville based architect who has long been involved in the development of green, affordable, energy efficient solar buildings and communities. Most recently his firm designed and built the Legacy Lofts project, which promises "near carbon neutral living" in market rate green buildings.

The Legacy Lofts project was recently featured on local television:

Join us for this discussion of the rapidly changing Green Building landscape, and the opportunities for owners, builders, designers, neighbors and policy-makers to make smart decisions that help both the environment and the bottom line.

About Mark Isaacs

Legacy Homes was founded in 1987 by Mark Isaacs, Architect/Builder/Realtor. Mark returned to his hometown of Louisville in 1980 after receiving a Masters in Architecture from M.I.T. in Boston, Massachusetts.

* Registered Architect * Member, National Association of Architects * Registered Homebuilder * Member, National Association of Home Builders * Realtor Associate * Member, National Association of Realtors

* Featured on the 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 American Institute of Architects House Tours
* Designed and built Cornerstone 2020 Award-winning housing for Covenant Housing Fund
* Winner of two Kentucky Department of Energy Passive Solar Design Awards
* 10 year Members of the Better Business Bureau



About the Living and Learning for Sustainability series:

Open Living and Learning for Sustainability:
Community Based Sustainability Education and Certification

The Lunch and Learn for Sustainability Series is part of the Sustainability Certification program offered through the Adena Center for Sustainability, Communications and Transformational Change. The events were hosted at Webster University.

In the spirit of the Open Living and Learning Network, we welcome participant dialogue on the practical issues and deeper concerns facing individuals, businesses and neighborhoods in "going green." By conceiving of the "community as campus" and combining seminar and experiential opportunities with neighborhood, university and business led expertise, the Network supports ongoing learning in a variety of venues.

Upcoming seminars will cover a variety of topics, including Green and Sustainable Building, Transportation, Neighborhoods, Business, Logistics, Finance, Food, Communications,, Global Networking, Planning, Organizing, Energy, Water, Labor, Education, Research, Science and more.

Participants are welcome to bring projects and ideas for consideration in this and future workshops in the series. Community based research, learning and action networks ar one of the ways we can create community solutions to the opportunities of the sustainability.

The Open Living and Learning Network continues and expands the work of previous Adena and Sustainable Louisville community dialogues in significant ways.

Some of the earlier and ongoing dialogues include:

The Imagine Louisville / Bioneers conferences and workshops
The Urban Ecovillage and Sustainable Business forums co-hosted with the Urban Design Studio
The Sustainable Business Networks dialogues and workshops series.
The Engage Louisville local/global dialogues
The Citizens Energy Council forums
National Safe Energy Conference
and others in archive to be posted in the future....

Current and past participating organizations (Partial List) : Adena Center, Webster University, Sustainable Business Networks / BALLE KY Working Group, Sustainable Louisville, Clift*n Community Council / Sustainable Clift*n, Louisville Green Business Conference, Open Living and Learning Network.

If you or your organization would like to participate as a learning partner in Living and Learning initiatives, please contact

Sessions will be documented as part of the Community Communications Open Journalism project, and distributed via WXBH 92.7 FM and other web,print, radio and television outlets.

Where: Adena Center for Sustainability & Communications Series hosted at Webster University Louisville Metro Campus 1031 Zorn Avenue, Suite 200, Louisville, KY 40207
Phone: (502)896-1835

Websites: and

Directions: I-71 Exit 2, Zorn Ave. @ River Rd behind BP
From Louisville:
Follow I-71 North to Exit 2, Zorn Avenue. Take a left on Zorn (north) and proceed one-half block to the BP station and turn right. Webster University is to the right in the Galen Center.
From Cincinnati and I-264 East: Follow I-71 South to Exit 2, Zorn Avenue. Turn right on Zorn (north) and proceed one-half block to the BP station and turn right. Webster University is to the right in the Galen Center.

Sustainability Learning and Certification

The Program in Community Sustainability is offered through the Adena Center, part of the Open Living and Learning Network.

To see a schedule of past and current Living and Learning opportunities, take a look at Open Living and Learning.

What is learning for sustainability?

Sustainability is the watchword of the 21st Century. Communities, business and all sectors of society are learning to think globally, act locally and learn our way to a green, just and democratic world. The Sustainability Certification program is deliberately experiential, inter-disciplinary and grounded in community practice as well as sustainability theory and professional development.

Dimensions of Sustainability:

Courses in the program address four broad areas or Dimensions of Sustainability: World View, Economic, Social, and Ecological.


1. Ecological and Social Aspects of Ecovillage Design
2. Green Building and Retrofitting
3. Local Food
4. Appropriate Technology
5. Restoring Nature


1. Building Community & Embracing Diversity
2. Communication Skills: Conflict and Resolution
3. Personal Empowerment and Leadership
4. Health and Healing
5. Bioregionalism


1. Shifting the Global Economy to Sustainability
2. Right Livelihood
3. Nurturing Local Economies
4. Complementary Currencies
5. Legal and Financial Issues


1. Holistic Worldview
2. Listening to Nature
3. Awakening and Transformation of Consciousness
4. Celebrating Life: Creativity and Art
5. Spiritual Activism

This program framework conforms in part to the Gaia Education Curriculum.

The Program in Community Sustainability Studies is an Open Learning and Living Partner with Sustainable Neighborhoods and community organizations as a Gaia Education provider. Sustainable Clift*n (2007-2008) was one of these pilot projects (see archive). The Gaia Education program is designed to facilitate our acquiring the knowledge and the ability to take action for sustainability. Open Learning and Living is supported by Gaia Education and is based on the Gaia Education Ecovillage Design Curriculum - an official contribution to the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014., and the basis for the UNITAR Sustainable Settlements Design Certification.

Certificate in Sustainability

The Certificate in Sustainability is a new program for community members as well as traditional and distance learners. We are working with the Gaia Education Curriculum and Louisville Living and Learning Network development partners to create a program which can meet UNITAR certification standards. In addition, we are developing a range of community based participatory study and action approaches in conjunction with the Community Communications programs of the Open Initiative, Adena Institute and numerous community partners.

The full Certificate in Sustainability will be awarded for completion of 120 contact hours, with a minimum of 20 contact hours in each of the four Dimensions of learning.

Continuing Education Units (CEU) credit will be awarded on the basis of one credit for every 10 contact hours.

Certificates of Completion will be offered to any learner who wishes for each individual course.

We hope you'll join us in this adventure in creating new community based models for learning and development for sustainability.

Fees: A basic processing fee of $10 per event will apply, though many community events are free and open to the public and low-income scholarships are available. Additional course tuition and fees may apply, depending on the particular course.

You are invited:

Community Learners are encouraged to participate in any of the courses which might meet your learning needs. Please let us know what courses or learning opportunities might be useful to you or your organization, business or community.

Educators and Community Resource Partners: In addition, we are sincerely interested in developing courses and learning partnerships which go beyond those outlined here. We welcome submissions of proposals for courses or other learning opportunities and partnerships.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at

Thank you.